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You are drawing

a being 

that is like a porous membrane, 

only loosely itself. 

The being has many lines

extending from it, 

of two types:

antennae that receive what comes; 


tentacles with suction cups

that seek at times to hold fast

to some thing. 

These lines also entangle 

with the lines of others. 

The being you are drawing 

is you. 


Straight Through You 

The pain, 

the suffering, 

the ghetto dweller, 

the migrant, 

the refugee, 

the marginalized, 

the exiled, 

and all the excluded




the pangs

of hunger, 


and loneliness, 

and the hurt, 

the loss, 

the fear –

all of it all of it

runs straight through



You are the empty, fluid centering

of myriad coherences.    


Immanence is nothing

but a field of interrelated coherences 

that are themselves

an infinite field of transcendence. 

Not Oneness, Not Many Fixed, Separate Ones – Just So, Transformation Is Possible

You are not the same one,   

first thinking and acting one way 

and then another. 

You are not a selfsame, 

fixed entity –

small or All –

a core persevering 

through ever thought and action,

in some way separate

from ‘your’ thoughts and actions,

some pure One

playing differentiation. 

Look: you are no different than 

thoughts and actions;

the performer of action

is not apart

from the actions themselves. 

When your thoughts and actions

are transformed, 

then ‘you’ is different:

you are a new you, 

in a very real sense

a ‘you’ discontinuous

with what came before,

as the flowing interpenetration

and nonobstruction

of interacting ripples in a pond

produce each new now.  

Realizing this is itself

already the manifestation 

of transformation,

the true heart of transformation

that there are no fixed, separate

things, nor a grand subsumer of all. 

Just so, in interbeing,  

can you center 

some(no)thing new. 

This is living and dying

and living in, and as, 

each and every occasion – 

each and every occasion 

ungrasped and ungraspable, 

no source the source,

not many many opposed,

not One. 

Shorn of such fixed 


what comes 

Fundamentally Transforming 

It’s not merely

a matter of conscious will

changing one life program

for another,

even if will simply wishes

to be more attentive, more aware;

it’s the transformation 

of underlying causes or conditions

that creates change. 

Realizing this

is already change:

realizing this, 

will seeks only

to open to awareness 

of habit

and the drivers of habit – 

this openness 

at once



undoing blind doing, 


in its attentiveness 

already a new space

free of any intent,

need, action or effort 

to alter

what has always been


Political Order

This isn’t a time of chaos:

it is a form of order, 

the form of a politics 

of fear. 

It is the ordering of deep division

and derision,

more and more ordered and clear, 

the attacking frightened ones’

alarm bells sounding

and floodlight beams

catching the selected 

stereotyped bogeybeings 

right in the criminal act 

[of trying to live], 

the dreaded, infectious Others 


for exclusion or, better, extinction – 

marked for varied forms 

of violation, disappearance 

and invisibility. 

Then, the ‘cleansed’ body politic 

will be alright until

it’s realized this WE is nothing – 

as is each small-feeling me 

made to feel bigger by it –

this We is nothing 

without a scapegoat, 

nothing without an enemy, 

nothing without fixed polarities, 

nothing without us against them.  

And in the coming purge 

of the required, manufactured 

existential threat, 

perhaps, true believer, 

you are next. 

And so fear never ends, 


always receding over the horizon,

and only secured 

in constant divisiveness 

is the fear-induced 


utter estrangement

from wholeness. 

Of course, then,  

something still eats away,

eating through 

all of the dehumanizing

objectifying and ghostifying – 

for in this process

the believers who carve up, 

box and bury others 

get cold coffins too. 

In their very reduction 

of being to thing, 

believers die to pulsing life, 

each now a hungry ghost

endlessly seeking relief 

from hollowing reduction, 

isolation and incompletion. 

Too, pulsing life insistently 


every artificial boundary, 

baring to believers

their own inauthenticity 

and untenability: 


those damn beings just won’t stay 

in the boxes where they’re put, 

not even the being that’s me.’

And the certain result

of this vertiginous loss of bearings:

ever more fear, insatiable fear, 

and unending denial and self-delusion, 

yielding a desperate grasping 

after any saving fundamentalism, 

after any void-filling group identity,

after any WE – 

ah, too easily

all manipulated

by the power-poisoned. 

This circular way – 

like a cat chasing its tail, 

like a person chasing a tale – 

can only produce great suffering, 

first and foremost for the oppressed, 

but for the oppressors 

in their self-constructed alienation as well

For in the real world of inexorable mutuality,  

suffering cannot be contained 

and compartmentalized.  

It reverberates unhindered 

throughout the network of relations.

The oppressor is not exempt, 

not separate in suffering 

from the oppressed. 

And so to eradicate suffering 

requires that all cease suffering. 

To deny this truth 

is to be fearfully, foolishly, 

world-damagingly and self-destructively 


about a separation

of some beings from others

that does not exist;

to deny this truth

is to ignore how beings 

function in inescapable mutuality, 

functioning, on a fundamental level, 

even in strife, in concert. 

So these are causes of suffering:

the delusion of separation;

and ignorance of interdependence. 

Are there truer ways, then, 

to order things,

ways that don’t feed

on the division and hate, 

and perhaps even worse, 

upon indifference, 

not ways

grounded in delusion and ignorance, 

but ways that don’t stoke fear

so fear doesn’t stoke itself, 

ways that don’t exclude,

ways that understand – 

but do not rest in – 

the difference of identities,

ways that are not geared

to their opposition

but to their mutual interconnection

and enrichment,

ways that do not find fear  

where it surely need not be found, 

ways that do not settle 

for the easy knee-jerk 

circle-the-wagons response 

to fluid and complex 

causes and conditions, 

ways that see through polarity, 

ways that find common cause

in a common humanity

in common with all life

on our common planet?  

Already in this question 

is the beginning 

of an embrace, the heart

of new orderings,

new orderings

of this very heart,

of this very embrace. 

How to proceed accordingly? 

One simple, 

but far from easy, 


no one is truly apart 

from this very heart, 

from this very embrace. 

Fixed Self Gone

Fixed self is comprised of the processes 

of physical and mental fixation,   

and the cessation of these processes 

is the cessation of this imagined fixed self. 

Fixed self gone, you do not die;

you manifest in a new way – 

not producing selfish action,

freely cohering, as each occasion, all. 

Whirling Still 

Not a fixed and isolated thing, 

you are a whirl of movements 


in a field of whirls upon whirls. 


you are always a centering form 

of ongoing exchange – 

and this fluid centering

is your still point,

your eye,

the eye of the storm,

the eye of whirl upon whirl,


Coiling And Release 

Like a storm

whose front coils forward   

as its rear releases away, 

you are the processes

of coiling and release. 

Each in its own time:

no need to hurry coiling;

no need to hurry release. 

Just swirl-dance

gathering releasing