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Technology may distract you

from awareness of just-what-is

in its – your – utter presence

and indivisibility –

right here now –







What is the relation between

the hot summer sun

and you

and air conditioning?

Applied technology

is thought

become reality,

become how you are.

The sun is shining

and it is hot.

But now you needn’t be.

However you manifest it,

putting the air

on or not –

or if/how one uses

a cell phone, Facebook,

a car, a plastic bag,

or an explosive –

awareness matters:

do you think, create and live

out of

insulation and isolation

or out of

feeling and connection?


awareness determines

the actualization

of you-the-world.


You call

a beloved’s name

for no reason,

just so they hear,

just so they respond.

And, no matter

the tenor

of the exchange,

just in encounter,

who is not beloved?

A Transparent Way

A transparent way:
unique expressions
of emptiness;
by inherent fixity,
isolation and opposition

Still Whirl

Everything everywhere

is awhirl

as you

sitting still.


Since everything is pulsating energy,

then frequencies matter.

Just by varying frequencies

is there complement or clash –

and so too with human frequencies.

In this way,

community or conflict

are one energy;

In this way,

even conflict communes.


Your search,
it’s come upon some value,
significance, or insight,
or some person or object
that makes sense of things.
And then it is gone,
that sense,
or it falls short,
and you try again
to replace it.
And so it goes
in an endless cycle.
But look, listen, breathe
without a second head:
right here and now,
is anything truly lacking?

Exchange At A Meditation Retreat

My legs are killing me. I’ve tried to sit through the pain, but it’s killing me.

Do you think you’ll be a better, happier me without the pain?

Well, at least I won’t have pain.

But then you’re a worse me because you couldn’t sit through the pain like you want to. Which pain do you want?

Right now, no pain in the legs.

Who is opposing the pain?

Me, the guy having pain.

How do you feel about all of this, the practice?

Like shit, not doing this very well, wondering why I’m putting myself through this, wondering why I can’t do this.

That’s you, right? Not just one thing, but a bunch of stuff going on at once. Your pain, your worries about pain, your sense of failure, wondering what I think, trying to figure a way forward, hoping, heart beating hard. Is all that you right now?


Is there anything or anyone opposing that?

What do you mean?

I mean is there anything at all in the universe opposing how you feel? Or does everything in the universe support you?

You mean support me in being fucked up?

Yes. Your total expression right now.

I’m not sure.

Can you ever escape your total expression, the total expression of all things coming together as YOU right now?

. . . . .

Go ahead, escape it right now. Escape YOU right now.

Well, nowhere to go . . .

Nowhere to go, is there anything at all to accept or reject? You’re the fullness and resolution of what is. Look carefully, is there anything at all apart, even as you seem a contradiction, even as you feel fucked up? Anything at odds with your total expression on this occasion?

But I’m fucked up . . .

Through and through. Through and through this total occasion, you me sitting here [tapping the floor]. Everything ever supporting YOU just as you fully are.

. . . . .

And yet YOU can stand up or remain seated, talk or remain silent, listen to the birds, plan, slap me or snooze. Nothing separate, you creatively support all things as well. There’s utter freedom here, literally everything at your disposal, since it’s YOU. Nothing apart, how do YOU freely manifest, how do YOU support right now? Show me.


Just so. Each inescapable occasion, YOU, fully expressed, fully expressing, even in our seeming partiality and fucked up-ness nothing opposed. Yes, YOU, fully supported and fully, creatively supporting . . . each occasion just as it is in its very resolve, good, a ripened fruit falling away.


My mom used to tell me about how my grandmother, whom we all called Mama, made chicken soup.

The story started with a chicken, a chicken bought at market, a live chicken slaughtered right there in front of her (sometimes she did it herself).

Then Mama would wrap a cloth around her head to ward off the ever-present lice and pluck the bird’s feathers clean, except for the tough pin feathers, which she would burn off, a nasty smell lingering.

Then she would remove the bird’s guts (more smell) and wash the chicken with salt (the salt a Jewish addition).

The rest of the soup-making was much the same as we do now,

except for the differential

in informed understanding

of what ‘chicken’ is.

People/Animals/Forests Thinking

Not just human beings,

but other species also function

through and as signs;

human symbolic language

a special case

of a larger semiotic network

of meaning-ing.

Signs propagate themselves

in many different ways

and organisms are not fixed entities

that interpret signs

but rather are shifting centerings,

human and otherwise,

where networks of signs

come together,


affecting one another

(one phenomenon

read in different ways,

or, camouflaged to some,

not read at all).

Just so,

here you are.