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Have you ever considered

how you know?  


Have you ever considered

how your choices are made? 


You are unique, 

but not


than any other. 

The Fundamental Source Of Alienation 

The fundamental source of alienation 

is to view yourself from the outside 

and then to separate out and compare

your constructions

of beings and things

to this constructed self. 

Your Sense Of Autonomy 

Even your sense

of autonomy 

is the product

of myriad causes 

and conditions

not within your control. 

Your Ideas

Have you noticed

that your ideas 

are almost always

the ideas

of others? 

Climate Outside Inside Outside 

The outside

you construct

is inside

constructed from

the outside. 



is always 

in surplus of itself;


is always

an emptying 

of itself. 

Just so, 

it cannot be 


it cannot truly be

limited by

totalitarian mind. 

My Friend, Lowell 

My friend, Lowell,






My friend, Lowell,

meeting circumstances:

stillness as action;

silence as speech;

timelessness each time;

bright-shining dark just so. 

Just Sitting 

Just sitting, 

without more. 

(Absolutely simple, 

  but not at all easy.) 

Without more. 

Without following thoughts

or adding to them. 

Without holding onto, or fleeing, 

or trying to alter sensations. 

Without grasping after

or pushing away images. 

Without referencing self.

Without referencing others. 

Or doing all of these 

as a mirror, unsullied, reflects clouds. 

Then you are simply the universe – 

no, the ground of the universe – 

manifesting itself. 

Then you center all just as

each and every 

likewise centers you. 

The universe, or its ground


doesn’t need the help

of your self control 

to make it all work. 

This ground can be given a name, 

but it doesn’t need one

and isn’t limited by one. 

It doesn’t have a form, 

but ‘it’ takes all forms. 

So, just sitting, 

you manifest it. 

Often, you think and feel 

you don’t do so, 

that you are apart and incomplete

(those clouds), 

but ‘it’ sees through that

when you just sit. 

And standing up,



without consciously intending

to help, 

cannot help 

but to

speak and act.