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In-Formed, In-Stilled

The wondrous emptiness

of all beings and phenomena

isn’t some Oneness or Nothingness.

No, right here, as this,

it is in-


And insight into this

isn’t an accumulation

of noisy knowledge,

but is simply in-



Object Not

Look closely:

the object

no matter what it is

(and, most notably,

when it is yourself),

always disappoints.

It always disappoints.

It always disappoints

because it functions

as the ‘other side’

of an unbridgeable gap,

of the chasm

that you are,

me here

wanting me there,

getting there,

still wanting,

so, a reaching

without end.

Is there a way

to function


fundamentally orienting

self to objects?

Could that be

looking into

another’s eyes


Things As They Aren’t

Realizing what isn’t:


with the isolated and unchanging

called ‘things’

and ‘me’.

Ending Suffering

At a fundamental level,

there’s only one way

for my suffering to end –

if yours does.

And there’s only one way

for suffering to end –

if fixed and isolated

‘I’ does.


When someone who is angry

makes you angry,

when someone who hates

opens you to hate,

if you look care-fully

you will see

you are just like him or her,

that you are comrades

in suffering and division.

You see that you are comrades

in hurt and defensiveness

and this very awareness

is the beginning

of the end

of anger and hatred

and of all separation.

Self Identity

The ongoing ‘identity’

of your self

is a seeming –

positing an essence

that does not exist,

and living

as if it were so.


What is the difference

between saying “Cheese”

and truly smiling?

What is the source

of authenticity

and when do you banish

from it?

Golden Elixir



fixed and isolated

self’s golden elixir.


A little drunk, high, or


or prideful,

or in so many other ways




Well Behaved

When is being well-behaved


when is it herd-like,

when is it ignorance,

and when is it fear?