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Defect Perfection


that the defect in the idealized 

is its own unique perfection 

is the manifestation 

of character and compassion. 


Some think ghosts

merely scare, 

but truly they inhabit 

the living, inhibiting

free intention and action

to relive their affecting pasts. 

Yes, by ghosts are we haunted

to fear, desire, envy, anger

and every other blinder

blinding this. 


this is. 

What Kind Of Pulsing? 

Who flows a true arc

and who watches a screen

and buys manufactured stories

they want to think are theirs?

Do any understand others?

Blood warming or spilled?

White Face 

Every face

that sees itself

as white 

is dark. 


Every story and image

of your self and others

taken as Truth

is a form of violence. 

The Ancient Clarity 

The violence of social construction, 

self-image and social identity 

can easily obscure

the underlying ancient clarity. 

Through Your Eyes 

There is a bottomless one

without need

of your worry, analysis,

judgment, direction, and control,

without need

of your help. 

It peers right now

through your eyes. 

Air Conditioning 

The air 

simply breathed




Dawn Here

Dawn here

is the proliferation 

of birdsong. 

Through You

Through you

walks the mountain range.