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Double Inversion 

You take what’s here

and re-present it in mind

according to your boxes,

placing each thing where it belongs. 

Then you take this representation 

and build it into ‘here’, 

so that ‘here’ resembles – 

is the reassembly of – 

your boxes,

your boxes all you can see of here,

limiting and defining here.  

‘Here’ you are,

doubly distant 

from here. 



To recognize 

is to re-cognize what comes 

in a familiar way, 

a way shaped

through concepts and constructs. 

Nothing at all wrong with this – 

if you understand

you are forming a dream. 

Do you ever wonder

about the you creating

this dream or that? 

No Opposition 

There is no opposition 

between stillness 

and the swirl of leaves

nor opposition 

between your breath 

and the invisible wind 

sustaining all.  

Fallen Leaf 

Fallen leaf 

scratch-scurrying wind

along earth

presaging barren winter, 

not inert, 

not presaging anything but

leaf flying catching flying

just as springing shoot

not yet a bloom yielding 

lush green

does and doesn’t presage 

summer soon yielding

desiccated autumn-ful. 



is without fault 

in sheer air. 

The Cessation Of Self

The cessation of fixed and isolated self

is at once

the non-production of intentional acts

and the seeing through

of the results of past intentional acts.

It is the functioning of what is

without self limitation, 

of emptying activity, of love,

in which any suffering,

any seeming separation,

is liberated.

Therefore, it is im-mediate – 

not mediated by anything – 

and thus 

not causal

(that is, not a purity 

  gradually aimed towards),

and it does not consist

of the elimination 

of acts of separation –

because, just through

the clear awareness 

of these very acts 

on each occasion, 

everything is disclosed 

as already




is the aesthetic relation

of appearances, 

of constructs 

interacting according to the logic 

you – 

singular/plural –  

have given them. 

Appearance seen through

is any and every cause 

linked to any and every effect 

seen through. 


you wave your hand

when you see your friend. 

What’s This? 

You can lose yourself

in this writing 

or find yourself in it

or maybe form a view from it 

or get triggered by it, 

or use it to make sounds

with mouth and tongue 

or like

or dislike it

or interpret it

according to something else 

or stare at it thinking of

or feeling something else

or not do anything

in particular with it

even as you read it


what’s this

Your Truth 

Do you parrot

the convictions of others? 

Where does your voice come from? 

How do you arrive at your truth? 

Is it a kind of social inculcation – 

or is it shot out of the depths, 

an arrow flying true?

If it is an arrow flying true, 

how does it relate

to the truth of others? 


It starts with you: