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Like Birds 


Thoughts, ideas, images, figures

and metaphors are like birds,

at times flying off, at times circling, 

at times coming to roost. 

This is not to be taken

as mere metaphor: like birds, 

they are real; flying off, circling

or coming to roost – they matter, 

life forms in their own right. 

So it is wise to understand 

how to get along with them, 

neither to dismiss them

nor to be dominated by them. 

And proper symbiosis 

requires that you are friends 

with many species,


as they flit, 

to flit among them. 


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  1. We,

    Like Birds . . .

  2. I may also like

    for long enough
    to see their flight,

    of perhaps,
    a circle,

    or just,
    for what they are . . .

    thank you Martin,
    your poem is beautiful,

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