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Feedback Loop 


This aphorism

and you, its reader, 

form a feedback loop,

meaning made

and remade

through constant


So, too, you and another;

so, too, you and the world. 


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  1. re-contextualisation,

    constant as constancy

    also potentially consistent.

    Re-contextualisation considers itself

    with a progressive manner,

    desirably with mental lucidity

    that is easily shared

    through the contextual forms

    of real life

    in a world of

    other lives.

  2. thank you, and for the humour, Martin.

    ‘A sort of responsive trackback-pingback reply to one of your readers’.

    … perhaps the situation demanding “re-contextualisation” is primarily a process of de-contextualisation and reconsideration. As it is understood, it is seen and felt, with a knowing empathy. Then it is written with the logic of a peaceful sense, the sense of sensitivity.

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