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No Continuous Presence 


To maintain the illusion 

of your continuous, isolated  

central and unchanging presence

(when in fact you creatively center

  the shifting presencing of all else), 

is the fundamental source

of all violence. 

In this undertaking,

you are fully complicit

in a project of separation,

hurt and suffering, 

in a project denying 

the fluid presencing

of infinite others 

not deemed

part of your ‘I’, 

in a project using other beings

and seeing all phenomena 

only as instruments 

for your ends, 

in a project that creates

categories and ideologies

that form the hard box

of what is considered to be ‘reality’, 


what is ‘in’


what is ‘out’. 

This is your complicity – 


emerging out of

other beings similarly violent


creating and reinforcing such violence. 

But because even this pained project 

is merely a construction created 

out of that which knows

no separation, exclusion or inequality 

of any kind,

transparently and inseparably

being aware of this complicity 

is already its incoherence, 

dissipation and end – 

and the ongoing demand 

for its end

everywhere and at all times. 


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