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Zero Point 


You are the zero point

of the intersection 

of many identities. 

To name a few:

gender; race and ethnicity;

age; class; wealth;

and degree of

social connectedness 

or marginalization. 

Any of these, 

or some in concert, 

can come to the fore

and become an issue. 

But you, 

you are always 

the zero point, 

ever responding 

as this or that, 

because you can respond

as this or that, 

utterly unfettered. 


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  1. Zero point
    is it I
    the baseline pulse,
    slowing to a stillness
    of wakened

    Ageless is
    the life dancer

    It is something else
    it is more,
    like insight.
    I know that
    I sensed you,
    before now

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