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Topos Of Emptiness 


You are the topos of emptiness, 

where phenomena, sensation, 

thought, imagination 

and action manifest. 

True to your utter 


nothing at all

is apart or excluded. 

And habitual attempts 

to identify what comes

as ‘me’  or as ‘opposing-me’, 

are by this very topos 

seen as empty. 

Then each being and phenomenon – 

each occasion of being-time – 

is simply just what it is, 

no more, no less. 

Each time being manifests 

as you. 

Here, nothing is gained or lost

but separation:

one is not more holy

or less complicit. 

Not separating from

what is,

which includes

great ongoing suffering, 

reveals this

and sets the direction

and inescapable demand

for suffering’s end.


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