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When Anything Goes 


In not ratifying 

the inherent worth

and dignity of a person,

there is no person. 


anything goes. 


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  1. Josephine Verceles permalink

    If there is no person will there be an I ratifying?

  2. (1) But there is a person. Real flesh and blood and mind and heart. Failing to ratify the dignity and inherent worth of a person reduces that person to an object (for ‘my’ use), to a thing. Then ‘i’ can justify treating that ‘thing’ in abysmal ways.

    (2) Moving, seeing, choosing, ratifying: these and many other processes occur and have their effects. These processes may occur in two ways: (a) mediated by the illusion of self – delusively, selfishly, and roiled by attachment and aversion; or (b) im-mediately (i.e., without mediation) – transparently, authentically.and thus free of fundamental separation and divisiveness. So, failing to ratify the dignity and inherent worth of a person is a kind of blindness of self, a separation and instrumentalization of the Other, with all the suffering it will produce not only for the being objectified, but for the one who, in dividing and objectifying, isolates him- or herself into a fixed, separate, lonely and fearful ‘I’.

    (3) Who is the true person?. Realizing this is at once the ratification of each person’s fundamental dignity and inherent worth.

    Sorry to be so long-winded. :- )

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