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Immediately It’s Realized 


Sitting tensely trying to relax,

until the effort is too much 

and mind wanders, 

thoughts going here and there

until sitting returns as the focus –

now free of tension! 

On this occasion, 

somehow distraction eliminated

‘I’ trying to control the event. 

‘I’ seen through, now it’s simply

things being just as they are. 

Immediately, it’s realized:

this always has been so

and always will be. 

Immediately, it’s realized: 

distraction too

is nothing but this fully manifest

without the least obstruction. 

Immediately, it’s realized:

even the delusion of self-control

is nothing but this fully manifest

without the least obstruction. 

So one occasion of practice 

immediately liberates all time beings. 

But take note of the converse:

each occasion

of fixed and isolated self

coming to the fore


is a time being

extending back into the past 

and forward into the future, 

all times


bound by self. 


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