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Death Functions 


You are a product of a culture

that has sanitized death. 

You don’t kill, drain,

skin or pluck,

and then clean out

the guts,

of animals you eat.

You are even insulated

from the deaths

of your fellow human beings,

seeing only safe, 

staged reenactments 

with actors soon resurrected 

or with animated characters, 

or viewing a final box 

containing something else

with make-up. 

Even catastrophes,

natural and man-made,

repeat in pixels

with the regularity

of the unreal.

In a world

of ever-increasing change

and turmoil,

you live as if 

nothing dies.

Until some loss –

of person, thing or value –

pierces the veil.

But how long

before you wipe away

that there is death 

and impermanence?

How would it be

if you stayed with them,

if life stayed with them? 


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