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What Will It Be? 


Conflict occurs

when the stories we tell

about what happened between us

do not mesh.

Each side is stuck in a story,

in a version of the past. 

But what happened

isn’t a story, or two,

(though it involves

the telling of stories). 


this very truth of us

can be 

opposing stories unstuck 

by empathetic listening,

the values another expresses 

already at some other time,   

in some other circumstances, 

ones you might stress – 

values that are in fact 

your own. 


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  1. Josephine Verceles permalink

    Hello Falling Apples,
    Hope this email finds you well. How have you been? I have been following your Poetry blog. I find inspiration in them. I like the poem “What Will It Be” it so resonates with me in relation to a loved one who just passed away. I want to post this poem in Facebook if I may?

    • Hi Josephine! Wonderful to hear from you! Though I am so sorry for your loss; you have my deepest condolences. You can email me at so that we can communicate in private, but things are good on my side. Of course, you can quote the post. Am touched that it resonated with you. Looking forward to hearing from you when you feel up to it.

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