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What is salient –

what comes to the forefront

as attention –

may recede

and become background,

an aspect

of what was background

coming to the foreground

in turn.


what is in the foreground

can only appear as foreground

because it is not separate

from all that isn’t just now


A chair is a chair

only because

of what is not a chair –

people, space, gravity,

and all that’s going on

in the background –

that gives it its moment.

Just so, it is a chair.

Sometimes, even,

the background

as background –

the bare fluxing itself

of infinite

causes and conditions –

appears as the foreground.

This, and in turn, that as foreground

(a chair and, in turn,

a table well set,

and, in turn, a meal,

and, in turn, her anger

at the guest who didn’t show),

or the background flux as foreground

(no distinct phenomena at all),

and the reversibility of these,

switching from one phenomenon 

as foreground to another, 

and, on occasion, 

background itself 

come to the fore 

as sourceless source,  

just so

just so 


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