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Simply Being 


It seems like

the teacher knows

how to simply be

with and as all,

whole, unique,

no one and nothing

excluded – 

and you don’t.

You try to simply be,

doing this and that

to get to the point

where you are simply being. 

The teacher has it

and you don’t.

But all along

of course

you are simply being,

no matter your contortions,

no matter

the seeming separations

of self and other

that also simply


Even the teacher says so.

But you insist:

“The teacher

can simply be

and I can’t.

I want what (s)he has.”

You keep trying

to do things

to change your self,

to be peaceful,

fulfilled or wise.

But the more you try, 

it seems,

the clearer it is

that you are at odds

with your self.

Because the trying,

the doing – 

self seen as


from others,

and from its goal

of itself – 

it’s all the process

of dividing and comparing,

the always-resulting gap

between what is

and what should be

your seeming lack created

and continuously

sustained, this

our fundamental dis-ease,

the raw, festering,

and proliferating suffering

we share with our others

of seeming separation.

Still, persisting

in your seeming alone

from others,

you try and try

in your separate

and separating


to bridge the gap

your trying creates,

of course

thwarted every time.

Until, stuck past stuck,

the doing, the trying –

utterly stymied,

nothing no one at all

apart from it,

utterly stopped cold – 

ah, every last bit of it

falls away.

Your self

and your others

(your not-me’s) –

yes, all your doing

of dividing,


and putting

the broken pieces

back together

this way and that,

trying to get where

you think you aren’t –

comes to rest.

It simply ceases.


nothing’s changed,

with no possibility

or need

of change:

you are

what you have always been,

one who simply is,

with and as all,

whole, unique

no one and nothing


No self,

so, no gap,

no dis-ease.

You look back and see

that thinking

there was something

you, and most others

besides the teacher, lacked,

some thing

that you needed to attain,

was precisely

what led you to miss

the fact

of simply being whole.

Some times

being whole

still seems to separate

but separation is

seen through


simply being whole –

the distinction

between attaining

some change

and not yet attaining it

fallen away

along with

all your self-driven doing

and divisions.


nothing needs to change;

this very time


whatever seeming separation

arises simply

seen through.

The teacher


this way too,

the teacher’s time


seeing through

seeming separation

just like the students’,

the opportunity for both

of course


in every circumstance

and in every encounter

with every one – 

simply being

with and as all,

whole, unique,

no one and nothing


Just so,

simple being


one simply being


one simply being

some times

just through 

the contortions. 


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