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Ending suffering

is the practice of undoing

any notion of fixed

and isolated self, 

which is the the undoing

of any fixed and isolated

position or posture –

even as one takes

a particular position or posture.

This is liberating,

ongoing realization.

Seeing through self

just as self intrudes,

just as one gets snagged

into fixity.

No problem otherwise;

no problem except

when there is a problem,

so, no problem.

In this way, 

a minute of practice –

extending through

all times past and present 

(it’s always been so

and always will be) – 

is a minute of transparent


And since realizing 

is transparent

and without two heads, 

no realizing is noticed.

There’s simply

the total expression

of a single occasion

manifesting as it is,

as you.


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  1. Agnieszka Konopka permalink

    Liberating words. A sparkle of freedom that burns a fixed self. I let it die.What a joy!Thank you for inspiration.

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