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Cuba as it is is a place

created at the intersection

of the hopes and fears

of different groups.

This place – Cuba

is a battleground of ideologies

where millions of actual people

must live and struggle –

generations of lives

in many ways put on hold

as political forces

inside and outside the country

keep each other at bay.

How terrible for those

who live in the cross hairs.

In the case of Cuba,

it’s easy to see, right?

But look: in terms of living

at the intersection

of vying constellations

of values, hopes and fears,

of living subject to

and conditioned by such conflicts,

is where you live much different?

Might not honest and open conflict –

not buried, denied

or dominated by one side,

but deeply listened to

so that all truly feel heard

offer a way

towards understanding

and accord?

A necessary corollary:

can we recognize

how trauma and greed

affect our ability

to listen to and  appreciate

the needs and values

of others in our community,

others from whom

we are not the least bit apart?

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