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Camouflage Clear


In nature, camouflage

is the creation of a misreading

of signs in another,

the creation of an ignoring –

of active ignor-ance

of what is right before

a being’s eyes.

It works because a being is looking

not afresh at the environment,

but looking by means

of certain preset cues.

Our concepts function

much the same way,

providing cues for organizing

our environment,

cues that overlook a host of

details we deem irrelevant

for certain purposes.

That is the strength

and weakness

of our ignorance.

And yet,

despite our inherent blindness,

our absolute fulfillment

comes no other way.

How can ignorance 

be our wholeness?

Because we fully are

the reading and expressing

of signs in endless back-and-forth,

sourced ever signless,

so that every seeming threat,

obstacle, absence, separation

and trick expresses

our fundamental indivisibility.


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