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Modern Stress



your reptilian amygdala

surges with

‘fight or flight’ reactions,

decisions impulsive –

like responding to a cobra

coiled in your path –

so that you act decisively,

the threat soon ended.

But modern stress

isn’t about threats-met-quick,

but about ongoing situations –

relationships, careers, 

and a host of needs

and obligations –


endlessly intense

states of being

where the power surge

of hormones like cortisol

isn’t as it was momentary,

but continuous,

stress going

from short reflex

to human condition,

the wild pumping

as a lifestyle

literally heart-hurting.

Continuous stress:

a bad way to live

for body and mind,

very bad.

How to get free

of this habitual, threat-driven,

frightened and damaging


It’s as simple as your breath,

its baseline focus

calming amygdala activity,

allowing the parasympathetic

system to kick in,

so you see more widely, slowly,


calming endorphins flooding

as seeing-red cortisol influx ceases,

so you can clearly reflect

and care-fully choose.

This is science describing

how you come to feel differently,

but the transformation

of feeling is intimately yours,

yours when you are ready.


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