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Ecology Of Love



and everything

functions through love,

not only human beings,

but animals

and all other beings.


is a community of beings,

far advanced

past our animus,

that does not sustain itself

by killing and eating others.

This community survives

on light, water and minerals.

It seems not

to worry about its image

or feel anger towards others.

It is comprised of beings

who live in peace

in communities

of the lightest, deepest silence

and dignity, centering in ease

the vast web  

of interconnecting phenomena,

supporting life

while simply presencing

the seasonal cycles of nature.

Yes, such beings

are right now on earth

among us – our forests,

exemplars in our ecology

of love.

Their existence humbles,

and calls into question

our own metabolic necessity.

That is:

how can our eating manifest love?

Perhaps the answer lies

in realizing the nature

and function of love

deeper than self, sentiment

and seeming separation.


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