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At Odds


It may start from a sensation,

perhaps one of pain.

Then an image arises, or a fear.

You feel aversion; 

you don’t want

what is

to be so.

You think of ways to escape

what is


You think of reasons

why this has happened,

and of who or what

to blame.

More feelings come,

of frustration, anger.

More sensations come,

your body tensing,

your attention stuck on the pain,

amplifying the pain.

You’re caged,

with no way to escape.

Your mate says to you

something as simple as,

“Could you pleeease

hang up your coat

in the closet?”

And you perceive the words

through the magnifying lens

of your vexation,

and you say something nasty

or grit your teeth and flush

in response.

More pained sensations.

More distraught feelings.

More fraught thoughts.

Just so, are you

at odds with yourself

and the world.


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