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Schizophrenics in full flight do not perceive the reality society agrees upon.

In this sense, they are damaged and dysfunctional.   

But perhaps even in their dysfunction, these people offer society – the rest of us – a kind of wisdom.

After all, for example, in our society a schizophrenic may seize upon a combination of technological excess and the erosion of privacy to envisage all-encompassing surveillance and control, or, again, upon the fact that food and water – consumption itself – might be compromised and filled with some form of malevolence.

For a schizophrenic, isn’t it that actual societal imbalances may morph into all-consuming invasions and conspiracies against the person –  violations either directly felt or revealed as imminent in signs and portents?

Listening care-fully, though, we may find in their fears, cries and warnings echoes of the forms of our own limiting social conditioning and our own quite real and pressing societal blind spots and excesses . . . 


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