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End Of The World?


Don’t worry:

if you die,

it won’t be

the end of the world.

Or is that your worry?

Tell me,

thoughts thinking

self and things

passed away,

what remains?

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  1. charlotteacooper6 permalink

    Today and everyday walk in love and happiness. Give of yourself to others. Be open to receiving love and kindness that comes your way. Always remember you need silence to think things through. In taking care of you, you are giving that same care to everyone whose path you cross.

    I thank you so much for being a part of my world each day.
    Happy Holidays…

    • Beautiful thoughts. Happy holidays, Charlotte! And may 2016 bring you and yours, and all, much joy.

      • Ben permalink

        Wishing you the same, Marty. Happy holidays to you and all your loved ones. May 2016 bring a zest for life and fulfillment of all good things.

      • Thank you, Ben, same to you, my friend . . .

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