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How have we become

so removed

from decay-and-death

that when we encounter it

(sanitized in supermarket plastic,

in stunning images of war,

images that both stun

and inure, or in antiseptic

hospital processes masking it),

it is but a kind of distanced curiosity?  

Our ownmost possibility,

a distanced curiosity!

There is another way to realize

decay-and-death, another way

than through fear and dissociation,

a way that says: Yes.

This Yes, how is it so?

These letters

arise, pass, and arise without end,

enacting this flow

of what

is not existent

and not nonexistent,

just the endless interconnectings

of inter-subjectivity

and inter-transformation,

heart-mind realizing

this, this, and again this –

and what thus comes is,

without the slightest judgment,

good . . .


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  1. asal samarrai permalink

    Absolutely incredible Martin

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