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What’s odd?

It’s what isn’t accepted,

what isn’t habit,

what isn’t convention,

what isn’t normal.

In this way,

you compare

and judge

the unknown

only in terms

of your known,

and, in so doing,

you realize

your certain limit,


bringing to fruition

the same old

(odd!) habit formation

you are.


seeing through this –

seeing clearly

all the old

you project

into the new

so the new

is only again old –

already you are

calling into question

your exclusion,

your ignor-ing,

of what discomforts,

of what

insistently is,

so that,

now realized

as this

even as it is

somehow obscured,

it discomforts more.


past resistance,

undeniably resolving,


sublimely, it is.

How odd.


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