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No Ideology


You want an answer, to believe in something that not only makes sense but ultimately makes things right.

You follow a line of thought but eventually find it lacking:

it fails: in the completeness or adequacy of its explanations of how things are or came to be; in the ability and ethics of methods to achieve what is promised; or in the insufficiency and partiality of its vision in terms of solving the problem or even in deeply grasping its nature.

You so wanted it to be the answer, but something – your intelligence, your honesty – saw through it, would not settle for it.

So you move on and try out another system of beliefs – only to find that it too falls short in some crucial way.

Then comes the crossroad: where you are resigned to your habituation; or where it’s broken free.

Perhaps you get it, grounded, forward, using your critical faculties to truly and creatively work through the complex of problems.

Open, not knowing the predetermined answer, you simply work it through




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