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Times Of This Time


You try to reconstruct how the accident happened,

or where a train of thought came from,

or how you felt,

but it is like trying to take hold of wisps of smoke.

Right then, these wisps are your present.

Or sometimes you come upon a certain smell

and your childhood in all its force –

the very feeling of it –


This too is now.

Or you dream of being somewhere

or with someone,

and this too is now.

How many ways can you realize now?

Is there any way not to realize it?

Even as you reach back into the past

or forward into the future,

you rest nowhere else

but as this, as now, timeless

in your clarity

and even

in your images, signs, symbols

and other re-presentations

interfluxing with those

of countless other beings

here embodying

this very occasion.


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