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Encounter With J At Evening’s End


M: Where you lodge, do you drink clear water or what intoxicates?

J: In love, there is no difference – the radiant face of the Friend shines everywhere!  Ah, this very day the sun mounted so rapidly and with such fervour that it was enough to melt your brains if you had any.

M: Living where you are, sun searing through, a drink of what will do.

J: Wonderful – keep it coming.

M: Drink up! Cheers!

J: Ha, easy to say when you wake up dead drunk and spend the rest of the day sobering up!

M: Thus we find ourselves upright, leaning against one another.

J: Talk about the blind leading the blind – two broken down columns sunburned to a crisp. What compassion!

M: Even the shared drink has evaporated. Still, just so, we find our way.

J: I’d say, “Yes, yes, keep it coming!” But, ha, it’s already gone!

M: Yes! Now off to sleep: up and down, inside and out, clear and intoxicated, two not two.

J: Wake up to wonderful dreams!

M: Who, even deep in sleep, fluffs the pillow?


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