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Bounding Boundless


The cessation of thought is not what you might expect.

It is not the end of noticing differences, but the end of not noticing them, the end of eliding differences into reductive generalizations, into fixed concepts, into ill-fitting boxes.

You are left with things as they are, each occasion made up of infinite interpenetrating and non-obstructing this-time-only occurrences,

each phenomenon interconnected,

each phenomenon unique,

the one-many irreducible.

One deer,

with antlers angled and aged just so,

and of a certain mood gained from reading the fluxing signs all about him,

effortlessly bounds

a particular white fence, scraped here and there,

just at a certain late summer twilight time.

All is included in this event,

the culmination of endless causes and conditions,

unique and unrepeatable,

bounding boundless.


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