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Anger Problem?


There’s nothing wrong with anger.

It’s telling you something.

Some kind of conflict needs resolution –

having to do with others,

or more likely, 

in you.

But holding on

to anger

or, worse,

proliferating it,

that’s just keeping the fire raging

to no purpose at all.

Instead, work through

the conflicting values

at stake – e.g.,

one ‘I’ ‘s need for quiet

vs. another’s urge to sing out –

difficult to find both

free expression

and peace

except in immeasurably generous,

utterly simple


How to accomplish it?

Transform the anger

into a sword that cuts through


What’s left?

Total presence.

What would this freely expressive utter peace sound like?

Right now, you express it

all ,

just as your particular stance

expressed without exclusion,


‘one is right

and the other is wrong’.


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