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Hot Dog Home Run


From one perspective,

it’s not the home run

that centers the ball game,

but a hot dog

a wide-eyed boy

can barely hold.

Just then, in this very highlight


what else occurs?

Ah, each occasion –

because it’s an open plenitude

and not locked in

to any view or set of views –

holds infinite realities,

each centering standpoint

absolutely true –

home run hitter, hot dog boy, cheering fans, networking corporate exec, guy missing ‘it’ to take a leak,

and so many more –

each gem allowing,

and, yes, creating,

the context for all others.

And from what does

all this emerge?


And it’s more complex yet:

how does the game of baseball

come about?

Closer to home,

calmly tracing back

your every thought and feeling,

your every action and gesture,

right now and right now again,

where do they emerge from?


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