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What would happen if you did not give an account of yourself

to yourself?

Absent this post hoc narrative, would you lose coherence?

Or is it that your existential coherence is generated


as the myriad forces focus through you,

as you,

a ray of light,

as you right here and now,

a striding of the earth?

And how will this coming together – you – creatively manifest?

Might this coming together engage in some particular project? Yes, of course – though the project would not delimit you.

And might not the light of you sometimes simply bask in the sun of its own true nature,

light basking in light, as light? 

But when you are identified with and enslaved by a heavy, tyrannical telos – a fixity of light blind to light – strangling fleeting dartings and solidifying lightness into things,

well then –
though still nothing but
light –
you are not true
to light,

instead an impossible, self-contradictory, false and delusive

opaqueness of light,

a seemingly impenetrable
opposed to others,
all furthering warring visions.

But simply ceasing

mind churning narrative,

lit eyes light.


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