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Production And Use


Even though it is said to aim at disclosing a thing’s essential nature and character, science is oriented towards production.

It produces the uses of a thing, causes leading to possible futures, and invariably based on a given regime of subjective values. And it produces a system of order that always has at its heart the fiction of a neutral and objective observer. 

But, after all, what the observer chooses to observe is already a subjective decision. And so what is observed to be so is reality carved in a certain way, a way that highlights particular characteristics out of a field of infinite factors studiously ignored.

Thus the object of any inquiry, even a scientific one, is never a multi-dimensional presence but a fixed and limited-dimensional shadow of a fluid event,

that is, an event

always seen from

some here that isn’t there –

and despite the blindness

of thinking it’s all when it isn’t,

it is all


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