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Dying Is Love


If you get that there’s dying right now over and over so occasion upon occasion may manifest anew – nothing and no one apart from fluxing interdependent processes – then there’s no separate ‘me’ to protect.

With no separate ‘me’ to protect, it can’t be a matter of suffering.

That is, since there’s no separation or resistance between pain and some ‘I’ that wants to avoid it, then there’s just ‘what is’ and no ‘what should be’ to compare it to and to struggle towards. ‘What is‘ simply is.

And more, on some occasions when there’s no resistance, even extraordinary pain may utterly vanish.

Everything is this – for lack of a better word – energy, and this energy is not a neutral force but a completely unromantic, enveloping, inundating, boundary-sundering – again, for lack of a better word – love.

Even obstacles, difficulties, mistakes, and negative emotions – and too illness and death – empty into this love.

And – how can it be? – just so, each person and phenomenon, unrepeatable, is uniquely just as he, she, it is.

You cannot help but to speak and act from this love. Even those who do not see it, even those who twist the knife and kill by refusing to let things die, by grasping after this and avoiding that in order to prop up some phantom, cannot help but to presence this love. It shines out of everyone’s eyes.

And when it is brought to awareness, it is transformative.

Not adding a phantom to you – to love

that’s it.


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