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No Separate Add-Ons 

A mountain is not on the ground, 

but is the ground itself;

a wave is not on the ocean, 

but is the ocean itself;

a cloud is not in the atmosphere, 

but is the atmosphere itself:

just so, you and all beings

are not add-ons, 

are not separate

from one another. 

So too do mountain, wave

and atmosphere 

form a living continuum

with all beings, on and on. 


Icy Wind Gusts 

In icy wind gusts 

this one without claws

and ruffled by others 

alighting and flying off 

somehow still nestles 

the slippery bough still still 

as it bobs. 

This One 

Under all your masks is

One not any thing. 

See through this One two. 


You live at the frayed edges

of comforting regularities. 

Others do not even have

tenuous hope, living with chaos,

pain and death. 

The boundary


Could it be

that our stubborn regularities – 

so selfish and enclosed,

so unamenable to fluid change,

so lacking in any response

but to stuff things   

into boxes where they don’t fit, 

or to simply deny what actually is – 

have led us to our predicament? 


Are there some people 

and other beings 

you cannot see

though they are 

right in front of you

or though you 

dearly depend on them? 

Look inside: these 

are your dead aspects.  

Look out of the corners

of your eyes

and you may see

these excluded Others

each as

ghostly apparitions

of your own face. 

And the only way to dispel 

these apparitions

is to see them not as 


but as you

brought to life! 

Night Snow 

Come out of the black void

each white snow crystal

moon-glinting snow crystals



That you go on naming,  

this way and that, 

bares the unnameable. 


Sun, wind, dust motes 


through you,

not this without you



Happiness so easily unravels. 

So does sadness.  


An Opening 

An opening

to working it out:

to make and receive

stuck certitude

through unknowing’s


through love.