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Grasping This 

Grasping this

is like trying to grasp water – 

the grasping hands too


Nothing Excluded 

Nothing excluded, 

nothing opposing you,  

no need

to brace yourself

(even doing so, 

  not excluded). 

No Way 

There is no way for you

to stand outside and apart

from this. 

No Opposition 

There is no opposition 


your breath

and the invisible wind 

sustaining all. 


Friction produces 


But it need not be

an intractable binary, 

the heat of two

locked in opposition. 

It can be

like two hands rubbing 

the cold day, 

warming one through.  

Truly Listening 

True listening

is listening in the humility

of your limits. 

Breaking The Silence 

The only way

to break the true silence 

is not to listen. 

Appearing As Needed 

In a mirror close at hand only your head appears. In a mirror farther off, your entire body is reflected.  In convex and concave mirrors, you are fat or thin (and on the ‘mirror’ of a scale, you weigh what scales weigh). Without the least bit of your effort, you appear just as the situation demands.  

Which is your real appearance?  What is it that appears this way and that?
Seems clear this ‘what’ can’t be pinned down. (Sometimes, even, you appear as the friend walking towards you, or a stranger, or as a sparrow flitting, or as thunder.)
Sometimes you reach out, like a hand to the mirror surface touching itself.

All the while you are composed, taking it easy: after all, without the least effort, each time you appear just right.



may arrange – 

may cohere – 

in many ways

and in many ways

at once. 

All Phenomena As

Consider all phenomena right now 

as a pulsating star, a dung beetle, 

or a rich man without his clothes. 

It is so.