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When your grandiosity


when your stance


is the context

of presencing,

it manifests your way.




than it does

the humiliated,



the humiliator.

Thought And Feeling Freed

Thought and feeling freed

of self-centeredness

naturally express

connection and empathy

and so give rise

to the imperatives

of justice, fairness and equity.

At The Core Of Divisiveness

The delusion

of fixed and isolated self –

weaving through all our relations –

is the fundamental bias

at the core

of injustice, unfairness

and inequity.

Doing Away With ‘Human Rights’

Is ‘human rights’

in fact often used

as cover for a regime

of post-colonial imperialism?

What does it mean

to fetishize political –

really legal – rights

while ignoring chasms

of social and economic inequality?

Where is the virtue

in using ‘human rights’

to invade and bomb nations?

What are the ‘human rights’


for the myriad peoples of the world

from the rapacious depredations of

rich nations

and multinational corporations?

What good is a legal/political right

when you do not have fair access

to resources, property, education,

and goods and services?

How, for example,

can institutionalized racism

not be a violation

of human relations?

And what is the basis

of a human ‘right’?

Is it ‘God-given’?

(The same flimsy principle

upon which we once based

‘the divine right of kings’?)

Perhaps we should

do away with ‘human rights’

and simply return

to the comprehensive

and unequivocal demands,

in all areas endeavor,

for justice, fairness, and equity.

Mutual Enactment

Without self-attachment,

mirrors mirroring suffering,

like mirrors mirroring clouds,

are penetrating and pristine;

without self-attachment,

and just as beings and phenomena


mirrors mirroring mirrors

are empty-serene

through and through – just

in what needs to be done.

Com-Passion Stirring


others lose it

or tremble-try

to hold it together.

Their awful suffering,

how it strikes you


in the same

fundamental bind –

of loss,

of distance,

of lack –




not one,

not two.

Seeing Through Thought

One way to express love

is to see through

an isolating, reductive, divisive

line of thought,

through its premises,

reasoning, conclusions

and the preferential feelings

they induce,

so it is as if a fog has lifted,

thought’s biased mediation


and the day emerges full-force here –

through the sensitive antennae

of your unclouded senses –

again for the first time

im-mediately alive and vivid

this sharing

of myriad pulsing beings

and fluxing phenomena


Perfectly Expressing Love

Love is: non-exclusion –

and your heart-mind

perfectly expresses love

when properly attuned.

Proper attunement:

seeing through

the seemings

of a fixed and isolated self

at odds

with other such selves

and with self’s constructions

of out-of-reach

or suffocating objects

self desperately wants

or wants to avoid.

All these seemings

result in actual but needless

division and hurt;

and seeing through

such seemings

is nothing other than

the transparent manifestation

and unceasing enactment

of love liberating

separation, and destructive conflict,

as they appear.


Your aspiration –

your presencing,

your futuring –

may manifest through

pure breaths

taking you forward

to here


seeing through

seeming separations

and exclusions,



their dissipation

as liberation,


simply manifesting

what needs to be done

breath by breath.