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Boundless Gift

Whatever box you put it in,

whatever the wrapping and bow,

cast off,

ah, the boundless gift.

Seeing Through

It’s not just a matter

of seeing through delusion,

but of seeing through

insight as well

(or it hardens

into delusion).

Confirming You

With the dissolution

of fixed and isolated self,

all things

confirm you,

a flower blooming

beauty, grace,



What is gnarled

overflows the bounds

between life and death

in revelation and beauty

of the endless flow.



is the immediate dissipation

of all seeming separation.

Since separation

is mere seeming,

what in fact

is not truly beautiful?

Absolutely Unrelated

What is absolutely unrelated?

That which is not apart

from anything at all –


Absolute Security

Absolute security:

when no one and nothing

is against.

Dependent On Nothing

Dependent on nothing

within or without,

deceived by no one,

deceiving no one,

just so, do you creatively,


and effortlessly manifest –

as this, as that,

on every occasion

no thing

through and through.


Might you live as an artist does, 

not settling for easy habits

and assumptions, not judging

but leaping off the precipice

into what,

propelling what


It’s Time

It’s time.

There is no other time.

And taking the first step,

you realize

being ever on the way.


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