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No Matter

No matter how

you dull it,

you know

you cannot stop

wondering now


what’s this?


Ever A Single Exertion

Every single exertion

of your heart


is your expression

of totality.

Even dividing it

into oppositions

is its total working.

Not taking division

as truth

manifests totality

in authentic transparency;

buying into division

denies the wholeness

of what is,


come to the fore

as the shape

of your totality.

The choice is yours.

Dividing and lacking,

you are lackful smart,

with lots of things

to accomplish

and work to be done;

simply resting in totality –

when you are an idiot

of simple transparence –

nothing at all

needs to be done.

Some wise ones

are somehow both.


It’s not a matter

of choosing,

or morphing into,

something else

to escape,

but of not

being locked

into any


just as you are

each thing.

Changing Course

The either/or question

of whether your actions

are pre-determined or freely chosen

(philosophically, determinism v. free will)

is a false dichotomy

based upon the delusion

of a fixed and isolated self

acting in a world

of other fixed and isolated selves,

phenomena and forces.

Since neither you nor anything else

is fixed and isolated,

instead each one

being mutually affected by

and affecting everything else,

the situation is quite different.

While your behavior and actions

are at once determined

by various complex and weighty

causes and conditions –

geographic, biological,

sociological, and psychological –

the introduction,

in the continuing flux of interactions,

of new causes and conditions

(perhaps in the shape

of a lesson learned)

can turn you

from habitual behaviors and actions –

so that you change course,

so that this changes course.

Actual freedom, then,

means to transparently and authentically

manifest the flux of what comes,

not ignoring it by pretending

on the strength of the habit

of old, hardened

inflexible determinants,

that what comes hasn’t

or shouldn’t.

This freedom too

only manifests

out of shifting causes

and conditions,

including the coming to be

of a motivation

and a drive

to see just what is

so as to create

in accord with it,

even if it takes the form

of a challenge.

And even this writing

may act as a cause or condition

to do so.


How can a person

or any being

or phenomenon


except by

not being only itself?

Without Pretense

When there is no pretense

here aches


What What-ing What

What’s next

for him her world you

the fucked up



cannot control





beginningless endless


homeless despair

care how

breathing through . . .

Oneness As Unique Ones

Though separate things

do not live and die

except for our ignor-ance

of the fact

of interdependence’s

intertwinings –

grasping instead after

false hardened mirages –

you and others

are one


just as you are

as each one is


No Thing Living Dying

What separately

lives and dies

in endless rounds:

the creations

of our overweening


Without it,

no separate thing

lives or dies.


In addition to your brain

conceptually representing

what’s ‘out there’,

mind-body also resonates,

without mental reflection,

and often

without conscious awareness,

the fluxing patterns

of what surrounds it.

Widely seen in nature,

this can even result

in the spontaneous synchronization

of oscillating systems –

whether it be

the rhythm of two pendulums,

the beating wings of a flock of birds,

or the applause of an audience –

what is called entrainment.

And through the inter-resonances

of mind-bodies

not one, not two,

just so

this manifests.