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Not Here Or Not 

It takes eons of burdened time

each moment not to be here;

but to be here – 

or, more precisely, 

not to not be here – 

takes no time or effort at all. 


Warm Listening 

The warmth of your listening 

can turn an ice wall

into flowing tears. 

Deep Listening 

Deep listening 

exhausts the self-centeredness 

of both listener and speaker. 

The Good Fight 

May you keep up the good fight

always in, through and aiming for



The pure round moon

is undisturbed  

in turbulent tides.  

All Of The Pure Round Moon 


of the pure round moon


each sliver. 

The Fundamental Logic Of Emptiness

A is not A, therefore it is A. 

Fundamental Equation 

1+1 = 1 = 1+1

Fingers Back 

You cut off two fingers, 

graspings of duality cut away.  

But though you cannot grasp 

selfishly, seems also 

you cannot function in the world. 

But look now: just through

your transparent oneness 

with all, 

cut away too

is any vestige of cutting away. 

So, miracle of miracles, 

your fingers are back; yes – 

nothing and no one cut off, 

nothing at all to grasp after – 

just so can you offer your hand, 

meeting circumstances, 

fingers curling others’ fingers, 

no one apart

doing what needs to be done. 


In Chinese,

buji’ is a word for ‘freedom’. 

Buji literally means ‘no thing’, 

no thing anywhere separate

from you, opposed to you;

in such circumstances, 

you are utterly unfettered. 

How, then, 

can freedom be attained

in this very world? 

Look – it is already so;

even in raising an eyebrow, 

nothing at all is excluded.