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No-Cause: Causation As No-Thinging

Since you are not different or apart

from infinite causes and conditions

now manifesting

this way and that,

and since

you are thus both fruit and seed

centering causes and conditions

in transparent awareness

true and creative,

you are all

you are you

you are flowing

you are still

you can be this way

and that

on and on

unfettered free –

only because


and each other all

are wondrously




Creative Causation

Right here and now,

you are the centering

of infinite causes and conditions

just so.

Since you are not in any way

different or apart from

causes and conditions

constantly coming to fruition

(and nor is anything else),

then what causes

and what is caused

are one.


not only are you the fruition

of causes and conditions,

but you creatively cause

what comes:

at once,

you are fruit and seed.


causes and conditions

transparent in awareness

right now –

how do you

creatively express

and support

simply being true

to this very all

you are?

And It Is Good

Each day is precious

and each precious day,


Just to clarify,

how is it ‘good’?

In the total effortless exertion

of what comes to the fore,

all are fulfilled.

What about

suffering everywhere?

Without separation

(and, so,

without resistance),

even pain,

not apart from

every sensation

and all else manifesting

as this very occasion,

is the fulfillment

of infinite

causes and conditions

come to fruition.

And the transparence

of things simply as they are

offers what might called

stillness –

before divisive

discriminating judgments

can create

the sense of lack and incompletion

fundamental to suffering.

This transparence

in awareness

of what is to itself

is at once a call to

and fulfillment of

the liberation of suffering

in and as

our one flowing


spacious, serene, open,



Is losing someone or something


How about being ill

or growing old?

Does pain vex?

Or is your desire

for things to be different –

when they can’t be –

what vexes?

What if instead

you held in spaciousness

every intricacy

of what actually transpires

with loving attentiveness,

curiosity and commitment –

so that you realized

this very occasion

as the fulfillment

of vast interdependence,

you a centering expression

just thus so


you a creative way forward,

not bound by fear, lack

and resistance

even amidst transformation,

even while impelling transformation.

Is there any vexation here?


Downs and ups,

pain and other sensations

flaring and receding,

but no matter down or up,

not finding it hard

to laugh together,

even, it may be said,

pacific joy


all the fluxing range

of sensations.

Deep Bows Mirrored

In transparence,

every centering

of flowing intradependence

gives and receives

boundless gratitude,

deep bows mirrored.

In transparence,

every centering

of flowing intradependence

involving hurt

gives and receives

boundless forgiveness.

And look:

bows of gratitude

and bows of forgiveness

are not two,

but deep bows mirrored.

Life Death Free

Earth, water, wind and fire


all for your use –

to nourish you,

to eat, drink,

to take in

for your own needs –

all free

only in deaths’ transparence,

too yours included –

this life-and-death

of inescapable feedings


in and as

the fluxing interdependence

of alls never opposed

and never other than

serene stillness.


When a spell is broken,

you see differently,

with eyes afresh

for all the spell veiled.

What comes to the fore now

may be particular this’s or that’s,

or a wide field of things

taken in in equality –

yes, taking the form

of one new spell or another.

When the spell of self is broken,


whether through

a narrow or wide lens,

what comes to the fore

is freedom.

How is it so?


liberates each all,


even impermanence.

How is it then?

What eyes see;

and the blinks between:


Seeing Light

Not one, not two:

seeing confirms light;

light confirms seeing.

It is so

with all

beings and phenomena


and so

with eyes glinting eyes.

Highly Resistant


is a byproduct

of selfishness,

but obstructing

care being given

by a loved one

to another beloved

(and even to oneself

in a form different

from impulsive demand)

is a byproduct

of self-obsession.

So too

is endangering others

as one sabotages


feigning freedom.

Where does self-obsession

come from?

It could stem from

narcissistic inclinations,

fear of hurt

or abandonment,

black-and-white thinking,

trauma-generated distrust

and impulsivity,


self-serving storytelling,

or some combination

of these and other factors.

Accompanying thoughtlessness

in obsessive selfishness

is a proclivity

to construct situations

creating the precise reactions

confirming one’s fears –

blaming others

when they stand up

to selfishness.


the obsessively selfish one


the resultant wounded hurt

and anger of others

as attempts,

for their own selfish purposes,

to lie, control and manipulate –

this bold-faced inversion

of responsibility

by one self-obsessed

a crushing dead-end

to human interaction,

to functional care and love


a dysfunctional approximation

seeks recognition).

It is a tale of horror

because the narrative

of obsessive selfishness

is hermetically sealed

and immune

to fact, truth

and the recognition

of the needs of others.

It is a form of darkness

highly resistant

to softening light.

But still, look: