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Mental Imputation 

Mental imputation is the process

of giving more meaning or signification

to a phenomenon, or to what occurs, 

than it in fact holds, leading to

all sorts of misunderstandings. 

The cessation of mental imputation 

is also called ‘seeing clearly just what is’.  

The Practice Of The Wind

The practice of the wind 

in its blowing

is to use other elements – 

water, earth, fire – 

to wear objects away,

even to wear

these other elements themselves


even to wear

wind resistance, 

and wind, 


(as the friction

  of other elements 


So that it’s transparently clear

there are now

never were 

hard and fast things

anywhere – 

even as elements – 


not hard and fast – 

happen to manifest and interplay. 

This is the practice 

of the breath. 

Strong Innocence 

Those who die to live

are incomparably strong 

because there is

nothing left to protect, 

nothing in opposition. 

Living Innocently 

It happens 

that the flowering 

of your innocence 

is crushed,

leaving you crushed

in your innocence. 

Do not become 

what cold hard crushes you. 

Taste the salt of your tears 

to truly, 






Coming down to the origin, 

each being and thing

may transparently manifest. 

Coming down to the origin

or not, transparently

or not, anyway, 

each being and thing 

freely manifests. 


You stand as the center   

of everything arising up:

mountains and rivers outside

and thoughts and feelings in. 

It is happening, this great


out of a vast void 

of previousness 

here too. 

And the future is its falling


to every possible

or impossible new

here too.

Nothing is excluded. 

Just so

you can take a leak – 

and at your feet 

rocks sudden-shine wet

with colors

unseen without your hot piss – 

this the first time, 

the only time, 

and, so, 

not of time, 

ah, steam rising. 

Out Of The Lap Of 

You are not going to make it out of this


No choice, then, but to live creation

again and again

out of the lap of what is 

not life and not death. 



you are divided 

from others 

and from yourself

because of your penchant 

for dividing away

from all. 

In this dividing

your fear and insecurity 


Without escape, 

without moving a hair’s breadth  


seeing through dividing 

just as it is, 

fear and insecurity 


Narrowings Of Asceticism 

Consumers, drug addicts

and fundamentalists 

are all ascetics.   

As is a person

focused on the accumulation 

of money

and as is a hedonist. 

Each has forgotten

the enjoyment of a life of connectivity

and conviviality, of integrated living,

of a harmony of interdependent

just whats:

indulgence in any narrowing

to exclusion 

is a form of asceticism, 


a form of indulgence,

where any narrowing

feeds self-conceit. 


You build the safe walls

higher and higher,   


exhausted, proud – 

but, lo and behold, 

you’re again

on the outside, 

cut off,