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Do you realize

distress and isolation

or do you realize

equanimity and connection?

Putting aside your views,

assumptions, history,

judgments and conclusions,

who stands in front of you

and who peers out of your eyes?



Seems like

everything has turned to stone,

hardened, unmoving, unable to flow

our deep accord,

so liberation

(playing off of the Dylan lyric)


everyone you’re unstoned.

Effortless Openness


of fixed and isolated self

can dissipate and cease,

disclosing an effortless openness

of no one stuck.

On Track?

It’s ok –

a train of thought

sometimes takes time

to derail.

(The runaway train

stuck on the track

is what’s suspect –

not the derailing.)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies


narratives structured around enemies

yield self-fulfilling prophecies.

Before Narrative

Each of us generates a narrative of self and world, either consciously or unconsciously.

Invariably, in response to the emotional flux of changing circumstances, of achievement or loss, let’s say, the story of your life shifts – over the course of decades, a year, a single day, or even a few fleeting moments. Your values, your attitudes, your confidence level, what you want, how you see others, they are all subject to change.

Who is the one generating these unstable narratives? And shorn of them, of their strange mix of anesthetizing habit and striving attainment and incompletion, who are you?

Resolving this matter, perhaps the stories we create will not be shaped of fear and lack.

Building Blocks

Building blocks:

as every kid knows,

after you build them up –

your grand constructions –

you knock them down.

Rickety All

Right as

your selectivity

and inattentiveness –

your rickety brain –

each and every all

pulses through/as you.

Shards One Whole

When are fractured shards unbroken?
Not-two, flow interacting.

‘Natural’ Rights

Rights and responsibilities

may structure freedom,

but they may also be forms

of political enclosure,

of who is out

and who is in –

and how much in.

Rights and responsibilities

in this sense

are forms

of regulation and coercion,

often based

on an a priori

and unprovable

natural law,

of how things ‘naturally’ are,

like the once upon a time

God-given divine right of kings

eventually inherited by a larger group

of certain men – men deemed ‘white’ –


during times of slavery in America

and throughout colonizations

across globe,

‘natural’ rights at some point,

at least in abstract,

growing to include

blacks and women

and now many other identities.

Clearly, the ‘advance’

has been fraught with misuse,

the concept of

rights coupled with responsibilities

used to justify

second class standing

of those ‘granted’ equality,

post-civil war blacks

deemed not ready or able –

due to rationalizations

ranging from poor temperament

to lack of education or intelligence –

to fully assume

their individual social duties.

More, because emancipated blacks

were now deemed to have failed

in their obligations as free men,

they were now placed

in a constant condition

of blameworthiness,

and thus always

under a now-legitimized threat

of punishment.

And blacks to this day,

due to such self-fulfilling

false and systemically-enforced

prophecies and rationales,

are ‘in’, but not really in,

largely free only

to be punished

for not meeting

their ‘obligations’.

No matter how crucial

the essentially ungrounded

and uneven process

of advancing rights and justice

has been,

something is being elided over:

how we should treat each other

and how we should live together

and why.

Isn’t the concept of ‘natural law’,

used to justify every inequality

for thousands of years,

and now continuing to do so

precisely under the imprimatur

of equality,

a poor substitute

for the creative act of communing –

in unbounded awareness

of one another –

to invoke, in ongoing creative process,

a living, thriving community

of equality, support

and decency?