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Cause And Effect Presencing

Are you sure you know the cause of what’s happened?

Are you sure you know what the effects will be?

Not sure, why assume your assumptions? 

Without them, what’s right here


Ungraspable Presencing

Take care not to mistake a project, a goal, or the story about your life – where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going –

for ungraspable, unnameable



A weed is just a plant

you don’t want

where it is.


Full felt presence

is a flower’s birthright.

It’s yours, too.



flowers blooming

birdsong and buzzing

thoughts and acts

resolutely lifting

out of emptiness. 

A Message Of Springtime

A message of springtime:

death alone isn’t. 

Spring’s Onset

Spring’s onset:

like geese

in waves,

waves of buds,

then blossoms,

head north.


What’s often missing;

what’s always needed:


at times as sure as

a thin green shoot

pushing past stones.

No Way

Has everything turned to stone?


there’s no way

not to be

a cascade.

Stupid Bright

Do not rely on anything

except your ability

to be utterly stupid.

An absolute fool through and through,

all your fancy notions dropped,

bright you are

so bright right here’s revealed 

the mystery of all things

not the least mysterious,

plain as day.


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