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You Not You You

In realizing

you are who you are not,

you authentically and transparently

are who you are.


Action Saving The World

All your assumptions,

categories, and judgments aside,

each day you take steps, blink eyes,

and extend a hand to give – or to take.

Where does action come from?

Without reliance on anything

one can think of or conceive,

with the proliferation

of binary thought quieted,

one may come to the indivisbility

of action at its source,

and from there –

from the existential realization

of action always being

the culminating creation

of the whole –

one may act in authentic accord

with our fundamental indivisibility.

That’s saving the world.

(And even when you act

out of narrow assumption,

view, and judgment,

still you act,

though not transparently,

out of this indivisbility.)

Please thoroughly investigate

this with all of body-mind.


What is one saving action

but one-action,

the cessation

of suffering separation,

the universe and all beings

healed whole?

And isn’t

all of heart-mind

taking a single step,

or blinking an eye,

or extending a hand,

inseparably centering all,

already one saving action?

Can you

take a single step

with all of heart-mind


One Action

One action

will save the universe:

what is it?

(It isn’t based on anything

you can think of or conceive.)


As conceptions,

all narratives are created equal,

as are all images.


breaking through

the bottom,

here we are just so.


of duality and non-duality aside,


how do you express it?

Rich, Fluid, Wondrous

Meaning emerges

from what signifies nothing,

from the bald inconceivable,

not even an ‘is’ or ‘isn’t’.

Meaning, then,

can be nothing else

but what signifies nothing –

nothing taking endless forms

of meaning

in all its rich,

fluid, wondrous



To truly exhaust a thought

you must deeply think it

all the way through;

so too to exhaust self –

self all the way through

to no-thing.


you are



no self no where

your smile.

You Mu

The two sides

of a Mobius strip –

one flowing side;


infinity-sided –


At Its Heart

Why all this picturing,

of self and others,

this way and that?

And what is at its heart?

Turn the light back

to its source

and see.

Metaphor of Self Delusion

A guy walks into a plate glass window thinking there’s nothing there.
That is: not seeing what is there.

A guy refuses to walk through what’s free and clear because he thinks there’s a plate glass window there, that something’s separating inside and out.
That is: seeing what’s not there.

Obstacles not there:
that is like delusions of you
as a fixed and isolated self.