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How odd: in our society,

you know you are a success

when you accumulate debt.  


It’s been said:

“The compulsion to buy terrorizes you.” 

Fundamentally, what is it that you want?

Can it be purchased?

Can you-made-whole be bought?

Of course not – and yet still,

those simulacrums

of the true, shining grail

ever just out of hand’s reach,

you buy, and buy again.

Means To An End


when you,

or anyone,

are merely

the means

to an end,

when those

who feel

are treated

as what doesn’t.


Spring snow:

flurries flurries

melting into the ground.

A Feeling

A feeling is a unified phenomenon that cannot be reduced to anything less than itself.

But it is not that it simply is, unchanging.

If we do not name it, if we do not separate from it –  grasping after or rejecting our picture of it – the feeling has its own life of transformation, its own flow.

A feeling of pain, is it really static, or does it increase and decrease in intensity? Doesn’t it undulate, doesn’t it sometimes change in character?

Is it a thing? Or isn’t it in fact a centering of flowing processes?

Just like you. And just like you, it is nameless. 

And this particular unified centering of processes, inflects and is inflected by a multitude of other aspects, even as it comes to the fore, on its occasion, as you.


If it isn’t already,

pain will be your bride 
(or groom).

Are you ready

for the marriage?

Can you kiss, love

and live it so?

Fog Lifting

When you are enveloped

in worry and over-thinking,

how does the fog lift?

Light burns off what obscures.

Turning this light back upon the source

of everything that comes forth –

even your own thoughts and feelings –

(each true for its fleeting time)

occasion upon occasion

in simple clarity, you manifest.


There is a sparrow on the windowsill

and it doesn’t have life insurance.


The very notion of a fixed and isolated self that can stand apart from the flow of what comes, turning it into separate objects that self controls, is a fundamental delusion –

as is the incredible notion that this fixed and isolated ‘I’ can even separate itself into one of the objects it controls, a malleable object called ‘me’.

In fact, then, aren’t you just quick flickerings fighting flitting shadows?


Why is it so hard

not to get ahead of yourself

and not to fall behind?

Could it be

that these two movements

are all that self knows how to do?


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