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Speak These Words 

​Speak these words. 

Where do they come from? 

You? Me? The English language? 

From matter? Energy?  

No matter, in speaking these words, 

‘where they come from’ fully manifests. 


​What is the mechanism 

of getting hooked? 

Once you realize

illusion emptying,

just like 

getting a magic trick, 

it’s seen through. 


​A word or phrase 

holds various connotations. 

So when you listen or read, 

you inevitably interpret meaning. 

You do so with the aid of context, 

with readings of body language, 

and by your knowledge and experience. 

Often, you are wrong. 

Often, you do not listen, 

but hear through your own biases

hopes, and expectations. 

In these cases, you are only 

talking to yourself. 

When you do truly listen, 

nothing is the same

as what was

because all of now

is in it. 

The Dung Of These Words 

​Make no mistake:

while the dung of these words 

is not root, trunk, or limb, 

it fertilizes. 


​Singing in darkness 

is already the light. 


​It is not all ascension:

when your wings grow

to fly and loom, 

shadows will sweep down 

to brush 

the fathomless ground.


​Are you on your way 

to becoming  

an enlightened being?

Perhaps a better question 

is whether or not 

you enlighten – 

whether or not 

you embody 

the lightness 

of weight and darkness;

whether or not 

you enlighten 

what seems weighted 

and dark, 

just as weighted 

and dark.  

Sweet Darkness 

​The darkness itself 

drips with your sweetness.  

Diversions And Obstacles 


of your diversions

and obstacles

seen through, 

is the true way. 

Most Intimate 

​What is truly most intimate – 

having sex, 

holding hands, 

or a heated exchange? 

Whatever is undertaken 

with love 

is most intimate.  


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