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In erasing

the humanity

of any other,

you erase

your own.


Object’s A Subject

In conflict,

the object of your feelings

is actually a subject,

just like you.


It is said

the genre of fiction

is about transformation

through conflict.

And resolution –

real-world resolution –

is about transformations

of hard-frictioned fictions

melting to attunement.

At Peace?

Can you be at peace

when others aren’t?

Can you open the way

to peace for others

when you lack peace?

This is the inquiry

of self and other

as one.

What Needs To Be Done

The clearer you see –

in all its particularity,


and interdependence –

what is in front of your face,

the clearer you realize

what needs to be done.


The mist moving through trees

and ranges upon ranges of mountains

and with the flow of waterfalls

plunging rivers

is trees mountains rivers

trees mountains rivers nothing

but mist.

Establishing Trust

Have you ever needed to ask:

“What can I do to regain your trust?”

On such occasions, do you ask it?


How can you help anyone

through their loss or need or lack

or other apparent separation

to realize our interconnection

except through your own loss,

need, lack or other

apparent separation

realizing loss, need, lack

or other apparent separation


this very fucked-up-ness –

this in all its hurt-glory –


our now-transparent


from isolation freed.

This Way And That

There are those who realize

tributaries coming together

as one water

and some who go on

to realize this,

one flow differentiating

into unique streams,

each as all one water.

Authentic Dream

To vow to liberate all

caught in suffering isolation

(when in fact fundamentally

nothing is isolated)

and to daily live out

this vision

is to enact a dream

of interbeing

actually, authentically

bringing to awakening


self-isolating delusion

insistently hides it)

what ever-already is

no-thing-no-one apart.