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The Smell Test

That smell –

when the dignity of daily human existence

is tainted

by belief, ideology, power, arrogance,

anger –

it’s the stench of death,

what doesn’t give way to life.

There’s a wind that clears the air,

not by avoiding death

in these forms of false immortality,

but by going-through


a wondrous odorless fragrance,

the permeation of life-and-death

knowing no bounds

in eyes transparently meeting.


how does that happen?

Said it,

through dignity

(always and only mutual).


At what age do people

turn into stone? 

Tell me, how do a stone man

and a stone woman make love?

Blood Diamonds

We’re all connected,

each reflected in and reflecting

all others, at once

untrammeled flow

and contorted suffering,

we glinting, pulsing,

pure pure how-so-stone-blind

blood diamonds.


Who would have thought

that the lurking monsters

under the childhood bed

were not mere fabrications,

but intimations come real,

seemings of fear, division

and misunderstanding

brought forth to hurt.

Hot Dog Home Run

From one perspective,

it’s not the home run

that centers the ball game,

but a hot dog

a wide-eyed boy

can barely hold.

Just then, in this very highlight


what else occurs?

Ah, each occasion –

because it’s an open plenitude

and not locked in

to any view or set of views –

holds infinite realities,

each centering standpoint

absolutely true –

home run hitter, hot dog boy, cheering fans, networking corporate exec, guy missing ‘it’ to take a leak,

and so many more –

each gem allowing,

and, yes, creating,

the context for all others.

And from what does

all this emerge?


And it’s more complex yet:

how does the game of baseball

come about?

Closer to home,

calmly tracing back

your every thought and feeling,

your every action and gesture,

right now and right now again,

where do they emerge from?

Clear And Pure

At this very moment,
what is the one clear and pure thing?

Shit, dog poop on my shoe!

Sound Of Silence

How is it

when you don’t discriminate,

compare, assume, prefer,

judge, imagine, or fabricate?

Right now,

speak out of this silence.

How Is It?

Without trying to control

or fix this occasion,

how is it?

That is, how are you?

Selfless Simplicity

Selfless simplicity: free

of greed, hatred and delusion,

not clinging or rejecting.

Full Felt Presence

Full felt presence

may appear as a crack in rock.

But what appears as split stone

deep down in crack’s darkness

is one molten flow,

nothing fixed, nothing riven,

nothing hidden,

what comes

all one

(each each).

So go to the bottom



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