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On the radio,

a man who had suddenly lost

his testosterone production

said that

not only did he now lack libido,

but he felt no desire,

having no ability to give value

to one thing over another.

A woman’s curves, a brick,

a dumpster –

all were just what they were.

More, he considered all phenomena,

in a markedly dispassionate way,

to be beautiful.

What might be gleaned from this?

Who are you

when a chemical,

or even the level of a chemical,

can so wholly alter desire,

perception and relations?


what does the lack of testosterone

and desire,

or their presence,


about how things are –

about how and who

you are?

Doesn’t it point to

the transient contingency

of both

your identity

and the values

phenomena take on?

Doesn’t it point to

the interdependence

of all beings and phenomena

amidst fluxing processes,

themselves contingent?


Here Then Gone

Here then gone:

is this

about a disconnected ‘me’

getting stuff,

ever picking and choosing?

Here then gone:

what do you really have?

A Green Human Future

A green human future

can only be

if you and others

are not chiefly produced

as consumers.

For this to be so,

the social, political

and economic systems

for imagining and enacting

human flourishing

must change.

Humility And Gratitude

Humans are not that special.

The earthworld will go on without us.

If you, with all yours

and every other

liked or not,

known or unknown,

want to keep being,

quick then,

muster what’s right:

humility and gratitude

realizing our interbeing.

Missing The Mark

The scientific approach misses the mark when it reduces this to an objective world of observable facts and purely reasoned conclusions.

It misses not only the the subjectivity of value creation – feeling – but the formless out of which both facts and values spring


Climate Weirding Is Your Weirding

The divided, aggrandizing selves,

individually and collectively,

of the peoples of the earth

are intrinsic aspects

of the living earth;

thus your weirding

and that of all others

is reflected

in weird alterations

in climate patterns,

in the earth careening,

in the earth as out of balance

as its self-reflective consciousness –

its humans – are.

One Rope

Your being here

is like a rope

with some knots in it,

some entanglements.

One knot is you,

connected to but separate from

other knots of the rope.

So there’s you all knotted up

and other entanglements

with their own knotty issues,


to the smooth flow of rope.

But there’s no one apart

who’s tied any of them;

it’s just the rope itself

twisting and turning.

So look –

the knot followed

all the way through,

it’s just loops

of one continuous flow,

nothing in the way,

nothing opposed.

Perhaps it’s this simple:

rope following through

its own single flow –

even through, and as,

seeming separations.

Authentic Pose

Sometimes a pose

is required

to manifest authenticity –

like comforting

a diminished loved one

with a white lie.


Is memory immoral?

Memory, the fun-house mirror

recording ‘what comes’

warped into a what was

that never was.

Is this distortion

of the topos of infinite realities

into some thin, pale reduction

immoral, ignorant, selfish,

and even murderous

of flowing lives and phenomena

endlessly interacting?

And when you turn right and look,

haven’t you cut of all the rest;

haven’t you cut off

all the other dimensions

of this one unrepeatable occasion?

Is not this ignorance too

in some sense immoral?

Or is all found

even in a sideways glance

or a faded memory,

limit upon limit

how wholeness manifests?

Gossamer Powder

Cultures, societies and civil orders –

agreed-upon ways of being together –

are as fragile as a butterfly’s wings.

On what can you rely?

The gossamer powder

of butterfly wings

is all that keeps us aloft;

the gossamer powder

of butterfly wings

is just what glistens light.