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Solar System Perspective

The grand symphony

of the solar system

doesn’t care

about your bullshit.


Your face,

it’s three faces

or five

or more,

each manifest

depending on

the perspective

it’s viewed from –

the angle and the light –

and from the perspective

felt inside,

the angle and the light.

What of your original face

before any of these yous are born?

Tropisms (for Nathalie Sarraute and Lydia Davis)

Why do you say what you say?

An intertwining and mutually affecting flow of sensations, feelings, perceptions, motivations, intentions, directed attentions, and resulting inattentions – tropisms – coalesce in each act of speech. 

For instance, sensitivities and motives can color what you say. What you want from someone. What you don’t want known. A feeling of anger, frustration or joy. Clinging to a feeling, or fleeing it. A desire to challenge or to placate. Really, all of these have lives of their own.

So what you say is often a saying-hiding of forces, often at odds, coalescing into one occasion of speech.

Query: are the tropisms hidden only from the listener – or from you, the speaker, as well?

Query: aware of them, seeing through them, now what’s said?

Fool Wisdom

You, and the king ideology,

and the crowd following it,

and the children, sponges,

all laugh at

the excluded,

the jester.

Wise guy, he laughs

with you,

fucks with your

blind cherishing

so hard

fixity is stunned

into fluid movement,


fooled through and through,

so that suddenly –

no jest –


of isolation and privilege

no longer rule.

Now you can cry

with others crying.

Now you can love

with joy.


Schizophrenics in full flight do not perceive the reality society agrees upon.

In this sense, they are damaged and dysfunctional.   

But perhaps even in their dysfunction, these people offer society – the rest of us – a kind of wisdom.

After all, for example, in our society a schizophrenic may seize upon a combination of technological excess and the erosion of privacy to envisage all-encompassing surveillance and control, or, again, upon the fact that food and water – consumption itself – might be compromised and filled with some form of malevolence.

For a schizophrenic, isn’t it that actual societal imbalances may morph into all-consuming invasions and conspiracies against the person –  violations either directly felt or revealed as imminent in signs and portents?

Listening care-fully, though, we may find in their fears, cries and warnings echoes of the forms of our own limiting social conditioning and our own quite real and pressing societal blind spots and excesses . . . 

Plastic Bag

Wind-whipped plastic bag

snagged on bare branch:

what does it speak to you?


This occasion’s

bare branch

against white sky –

it’s a bluejay


Bare Branch

Bare branch,

a lightning bolt silhouette

cracking white sky –

yet they are not two,

nothing torn asunder.

Snow Shoveling

You clear a path,

at times some salt needed,

for all who come this way.

That’s what needs to be done.

Fruit Of The Snowfall

Fruit of the snowfall:

slush over boot top;

car wheels spinning nowhere;

wondrous, head-clearing

exhaustion, even stuckness


black crows writing white sky.


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