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you can ignore it 

or fight it

or grasp after it

or accept it

or not, 

this not

that’s not any of those.  

What is this 


that’s not anything,

the not of you

in every step

on every occasion?  




is an echo 





Before The Double Inversion 

Before you divide up

what comes 

through concepts, images

and constructs, 

and before you believe 

in the ultimate reality

of these boxes, 

before this double inversion 

veils what comes, 

still you see partially, 

seeing this side of the moon 

and not the other. 

Your perception is in its very nature 


And yet this very insufficiency

is the completion of all things. 

One night,

the moon is a soft white in your eyes. 

It is said that the soft white moon

is a physical thing, 

made up of the play of matter

and light, 

even some saying

light cannot be seen on its own, 

that what we see is always light

as the revelation of reflected shape. 

Or again, some say the soft white moon

is nothing but what we perceive and feel, 

that the soft moon is something 

we construct of affect and concepts. 

There is a middle way, 

not caught either

in objective matter separate from you

or in subjective only-you. 

This middle way says:

the soft white moon 

sees through your eyes. 

What comes

on occasion 

uses sensory processes 

and subjective states 

to be the soft white moon,

the soft moon seeing as you. 

This ‘soft white moon’ occasion 

is what has been called

a time of fusion/fission. 

Fusion – 

because the soft white moon

sees as you. 

Fission – because

on this and each occasion

of the whole, you perceive 

yourself away, as a specter 

out of reach. 

In this latter perceptual process, 

there is an unease,

of one manifesting as two. 

But what is revealed

about perception 

when perception stops? 

Even when you seem divided,  

in fact 

you are not two,

the atmospheric glow

everywhere unimpeded. 

Voice Of Mountains And Rivers 

With birds and animals

and all sentient beings,

you are the eyes and ears – 

the sensings

(and feelings and thoughts) – 

of great stone-still mountains

and rivers flowing, 

of stone-still rivers 

and great mountains


You, also their voice, 

what do mountains and rivers say? 


Since what is insentient 

is immersed in sentience – 

in all the senses and feelings – 

as a matter of course

it expresses itself

as you. 


Not fixed and separate, 

you do not look at things:

you vision-dance with them. 

Bodyful Minds 

‘Bodyful minds’ means:

beings centering phenomena, 

environments and atmospheres

expressing, exploring   

and creating themselves anew. 

Not Inert 

It’s simple: Look! 

The world is not an inert container 

for your feelings, thoughts, and actions. 

That’s why you put on your coat

when the cold wind blows. 

What Comes To The Fore 

What comes to the fore

is immersed in what doesn’t. 

Being Here 

Not only are you

a unique sentient being;

you also inextricably realize 

sentient and insentient beings


and all that you cannot see 

nor understand. 

That is the meaning of

being here.