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These Breaths

These breaths 

do not judge,


sincerely investigating

the one who breathes. 

What Is It? 

What is it

that you do not want

to know about yourself? 

What is it

that you actively hide

from yourself? 

What is it

about you

that you are afraid of? 


When the authors of hurt 

declare their innocence, 

the hurt is doubled;

when the authors of hurt 

believe their innocence, 

the hurt is exponential. 

The Club 

The Club:

are you

in or out? 

Just so, 

the Club 

is wielded. 


When there are no consequences 

for what was done, 

there are consequences. 

Self Taut 

Your ulterior motive 

is not the truth of you

under a fake veneer, 

but one truth

against the truth

of the weight 

of the truths

of your other values 

or others’ expectations

that in some way

you recognize 

and believe in

and pay homage to

just in your deception.  


it would not

be ulterior. 

Right here:

the heart

of your self-contradiction.

Right here:


through and through, 

the exhaustion

of self-contradiction. 


right here. 

You Are 

You are 

precisely you

in your coincidence 

with what you are not;

with stars, bacteria, systems,  

constructions, and seemings

centered through you. 

There is no extra part

beyond this, 

no unchanging part

separate from this

that is you;

just so, 


are precisely 


Dog Whistles 

Something happens

and you hear,  

like a dog whistle frequency, 

what some others can’t. 

Others hear different frequencies, 

ears pricking up 

to their own dog whistles

you can’t hear. 


how do you 

and these others 



Imagine that you are from a foreign land

and are forced through circumstances

to flee your home and emigrate to America. 

You are too old to learn 

more than rudimentary English 

and so your world in many ways

remains narrowed to the forms,

content and detritus 

of what was. 

Look carefully: is this narrative 

but an extreme form of your own


Not Two 

Prior to differentiation and naming, 

undifferentiated and nameless, 

is what differentiates and names. 

And yet

what is undifferentiated and nameless 


what is differentiated and named

are not two.