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Hollow Mouth 

Only a hollow mouth

blooms flowers.  


You create and cling to

changing semblances of stability,

never truly secure. 

Instead, never-ceasing flux 

in all honesty 

pre-refectively under-stood – 

isn’t this the first axiom

of calm comportment? 

Fierce Beliefs 

If you see through 

your fierce beliefs 

as fear and doubt – 

and staying true to them

to their exhaustion – 

what remains? 

Are You Sure? 

How do you know

what you know? 

Warm Flesh 

Every time you lose 


apart from,

you are a phony. 

But it is not


your fault. 

Your very being

“has been commoditized 

and assimilated into

our modes of capitalism.”

(Quote: Claudia Rankine, 

  after many.)

Another loss, hard one:

nice shoes, 

for but the briefest moment. 

(But look! 

  Under-standing all shoes, 

  feet of warm flesh.)

Defect Perfection


that the defect in the idealized 

is its own unique perfection 

is the manifestation 

of character and compassion. 


Some think ghosts

merely scare, 

but truly they inhabit 

the living, inhibiting

free intention and action

to relive their affecting pasts. 

Yes, by ghosts are we haunted

to fear, desire, envy, anger

and every other blinder

blinding this. 


this is. 

What Kind Of Pulsing? 

Who flows a true arc

and who watches a screen

and buys manufactured stories

they want to think are theirs?

Do any understand others?

Blood warming or spilled?

White Face 

Every face

that sees itself

as white 

is dark. 


Every story and image

of your self and others

taken as Truth

is a form of violence.