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Surreally Real

Lots of times: pain, anxiety and alienation.

And here and there occasions of sheer beauty, total communication.

What’s really surreal and surreally real: each happening, no matter its expression, its own absolute value.

Each time being, on its own terms, a totality of involvements.

This insight, sheer non-resistance.

This insight, compassion. 

Not ‘Looking At’

Truly seeing is a matter of clearing the habitual way of looking at – that is, of an unchanging subject standing apart and looking at objects fundamentally separate from itself, whether it be another being, a phenomenon – or even one’s self taken as a separate object.

So, instead, perhaps one can say that one sees through isolated self and its objects, through all the reachings never satisfied, like a dog chasing its own tail, or a person chasing his  or her own tale, through all the lies great and small we tell ourselves to get by, right through to the core, to the divisiveness and self-contradiction inherent in the subject/object dichotomy which is self consciousness. 

Sees through’, then, in its double meaning: of seeing through self, the very process of self, of bifurcation into hardened subject and object, not accepted or avoided but taking itself all the way through to its exhaustion; and, thus, of self seen through, self as a root delusion simply fallen away. 

Perhaps these entries are exercises in, and enactments of, this undoing – and, at once, expressions of non-doing, where nothing is left undone.


What are you worried about?

And could you get along without it?

Not without what you are worried about,

but without the worrying itself.

Worrying –

fretting, fussing, fearing –

is it your home?

What would you do –

what would be

without it?


We regularly excommunicate one another. 

We cease communication. 

The desire to excommunicate the other is based upon fear of infection.

What will we be infected by?

By what is alien and unsafe.
By what challenges accepted images.
By what confronts and discomforts.
By what cannot be managed.

By what opens.


In the openness of the individual, what is dis-empowered?

Fixed and separate self.

In the openness of social relations, what is dis-empowered?

Person treated as object. 

When You Hear A Story

When you hear another’s tale, do you really listen to it?

Or is it just a chance to tell a story of your own?


Humor may be an attitude most serious: when it makes rubble of your prison walls.   

The Fool

The Fool wears a headdress hanging with tassels and bells, 

and shoes curling at the toes. 

Ridiculous in appearance, the Fool ups the ante and acts absolutely absurdly.

And yet the Fool is the only one in the Kingdom who has carte blanche to speak freely to the King, to speak truth to power.

In the Kingdom the size and shape of your body and the regal edifices of your mind,

is there such a one,

a Fool who subverts your conventions, discriminations and certainties to make you laugh and shake wide-eyed with wonder,

hidden connections now transparent,

a light and deft responsiveness


Climate Change

Climate change cannot be addressed by I, me, and mine’,

these precisely the causes and conditions of our present plight.


How to be whole in this world of multiplicity and differentiation?

By not making distinctions as you make them.


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