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How to be whole in this world of multiplicity and differentiation?

By not making distinctions as you make them.

Going Here Going There

Going here going there

never away from home


How earth-light would heart be if not weighted by narrative, not freighted with dogma?

Moving Target

How does an object change

and stay the same

as we move around it?

And as you move around it,

do you simply stay the same?

Perhaps there’s a deep intimacy

- even a not-two-ness –

between you and what surrounds you.

Necessary Incompleteness

Necessary incompleteness: her profile.


How does one occasion end and another begin?


What happens between the scenes?


Each day is a constant shift of light.

Art Project

What the artist tries to catch –

the transience

of light on the eye,

the transience

of perceptions,

of narratives,

and even of captured memories

How does the artist catch these?

Just in catching them –
bared the fluid (w)hole
in fixity.


Are you free

(of certitude)



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