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Your Real Job?

In the existing regime, your real job is not to produce, but to consume as much as possible.

Force-fed endless empty images, some folks now constantly crave what does not satisfy,

forgetting the bounty of the real:

earth and sky, flights of heart-mind, the warmth of consonant beings, and the plenitude of earthly difference.

Candle Flame

As a child, you held your hand

just above the candle flame.

What did you want see?

What did you discover?

Learning a limit,

did you also discover

all phenomena – 

candle, air, flesh, curiosity -

intertwine as this very time being

refusing refusing to say ‘Ouch’?

The One Who Reads This

The fixed and separate self you believe you are –

actually mere constructions divided against themselves,

one self image trying to measure up to or escape other such self images -

is not the one who reads this.


Each occasion – each all – it’s just freely given – -

flowing this

just given,

given without any strings attached,

given without the intent to give and without the desire to receive,

without one who gives or one who receives,

even without the notion of a ‘gift’,

whole, without any kind of separation at all.

Ah, feel the wind blow through. . .

No Holding On

No holding on:

always forms fluxing

formless always.


The field of fixed and separate objects is none other than the field of interdependence and intersubjectivity.

And both are pale descriptions of you and he and she and endless phenomena as this,

as absolutely no-thing.

Ocean Waves

Ocean waves: the depths right here on the surface.


Each stain

through and through


Fabricating Reality

How crucial the act of fabrication is to everyday life! To function, we must carve out distinctions out of the mass of sense information we receive, ignoring much so that we can safely cross the street or focus on a task.

Yes, we use reductive concepts and the scalpel of perception to navigate through the world, a world which is already a social construct.

Still, realizing the insufficiency of our reductions, realizing the boundlessness out of which our constructs and the very different social constructs of others emerge, we touch the bounty of shifting standpoint itself.

Then, not stuck in our perspectives, we find that we may use them freely to manifest an open heart.


What you say

is an expression of everything



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