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Dying To Live

On each occasion, you thoroughly die to live.


On its occasion, thirsting through and through is its own quenching.


Fundamentally, nothing comes and goes, nothing arises and passes.

Just so, in the hot summer sun you quench your thirst.

Dark Mood Descends

Dark mood descends.

Always you fight it, trying to will it away before it settles in.

But this time it’s different.

This time the mood is just what it is, no more no less, not compared to anything else, not judged.

The anger, the sadness, the frustration, the hurt – each is a fullness,

nothing lacking,

just so,  without conflict at peace.


Fully immersed in and as the obstacle,

it isn’t.

Holey Holy Wholly Light Stones

Punching holes in appearances, light shines through. 

You cannot tell where it comes from: is it emanating from inside or from some source out there?

Quite often it takes the shape of . . . appearances

each one wholeness, one upon the other all blinding brilliance,

not a bit of a problem to make your way
because it is you

leaping from stone step to stone step in the garden.


You seek for treasure over there –

when it stares out of your eyes . . .


Why blame

so ‘I’ can gain,

all lost?

Filling The Nether World

What fills the Nether World? 

Me Me Me Me

Why Lie?

When you lie, it’s because the price of sincerity is too high.

At bottom, what do you fear to reveal, and why?

A way to bring it to awareness: trying not to lie to others – or to yourself – for a week.


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